Bingo has its dedicated fans around the world. This fun game has won people’s hearts thanks to its simple rules and at the same time it provides exciting gameplay. A bingo game set is inexpensive and easily accessible so you can play it both at larger tournaments and at home.
Bingo is especially popular among the elderly because it activates the brain, slows down the effects of aging and motivates seniors to leave the house and meet other players. Many fans of this game, however, are unaware that you can play it in many different ways. Discover different varieties and choose the best bingo game for yourself!

Variations of traditional bingo

The first variation of the game is “U-Pick’Em bingo”. In U-Pick’Em, players choose their own numbers before the start of the game. This type of game requires standard bingo accessories with the exception of bingo sheets which must be empty so that players can fill them out themselves.

An interesting variation is “Death bingo”. It is the exact opposite of the traditional game, although it requires the use of an ordinary bingo game set. The player who gets bingo is eliminated from the game. The winner is the person who, after a set time, has selected the least boxes on his sheet. It is the best bingo game for people who are bored with traditional gameplay.

A variation that guarantees a fast and exciting game is horse racing bingo. It is intended for up to fifteen players. Each player draws five numbers from 1 to 15 and if they want to use standard bingo accesories, they can use sheets from the American bingo variety. Numbers 1 to 15 are only in the first column in the table. The person who first marks all his numbers wins. So it’s the best bingo game for people looking for a faster and more exciting form of entertainment.

Party Bingo

Although many people think that bingo is a game suitable only for seniors, bingo can actually be a great way to kick off a party and it’s a great icebreaker. One of the variations of this game is “bullshit bingo”. It does not require buying any bingo game set. Before meeting up, participants prepare their own sheets, similar to those used in the traditional game. However, instead of numbers, they write “Buzzwords” – words and expressions that are often repeated in the media. They do not reveal their sheets to other participants. When the leader says the word they have written on the sheet, they mark it. The person who first selects the correct pattern on his sheet wins. A special bingo game set has been prepared especially for those who want to throw a party bash. It consists of a lottery machine, colored balls and glasses in matching colors. Each participant receives a glass and when a ball is drawn in its color, the player must drink a shot.

Roadkill bingo

So you’re going on a road trip with your friends or family and you’re looking for an amusing way to kill some time? The best bingo game for you would be “Roadkill”. The word roadkill refers to animals that die on the roads hit by a car. To play this game, you do not need any special bingo game set. Players themselves prepare the necessary bingo accessories which consist of bingo sheets created based on the traditional ones. However, instead of numbers, different types of animals that are often found along roads are included in the sheets. When players see a representative of a particular species that lies dead on the road, they mark the appropriate box. As in traditional bingo, the person who will mark the appropriate pattern on the board wins. The driver of the car should not participate in the game, as it could result in an accident.