The charm of playing bingo lies in its undoubted simplicity – the rules can be learned literally in a few minutes. It would seem that nothing new could be introduced into the game. However, bingo players from around the world have invented new variations of this game which are tailored to the needs of the youngest players, to make a long road trip pleasant or to break the ice at a party. Find out other ways how you can play your favorite game!

Bingo games for kids

Your child does not need to know numbers to be able to play with you! Special bingo games for kids have been created. Instead of numbers, there are drawings of, for example, animals, plants, professions or vehicles on the boards and balls. This is a great way for kids who are just getting to know the world around them. You can play the lead role and draw the balls with the names of illustrations that the little ones will search for on their cards. Bingo games for kids both entertain and teach, as well as improve concentration, perceptiveness and visual-motor coordination. It’s a great game that will help your children’s development and give them a lot of fun!

Party bingo

So bingo isn’t really seen as the right game for crazy parties? You probably have not heard yet about the party version of this game. Bingo players use it to kick off a party. The set includes a drawing machine, balls in four colors and glasses in matching colors. The bingo players do not have any cards. When the ball is drawn, all the holders of the glass in the same colour need to take a shot. There are no losers in this game, everyone’s a winner! If you want to invite more people to play than the original set allows, you can buy colored glasses or mark the ones you already have. You can also use the bingo set you already own – just add a little creativity!

Roadkill bingo

This is definitely not one of the bingo games for kids. You can play it during long car trips. Bingo players prepare the cards themselves, where they enter names of animals that most often die on the roads, instead of crossing off numbers in the boxes. When one of them notices an animal that was run over on the roadside, only he can strike it out on his card. Just like in traditional bingo, the one who crosses off the right layout on his card wins.

Bullshit bingo

In this variant, bingo players prepare their own cards by entering into their fields slogans that are often used in a given situation. Then they listen to a lecture together, watch political debates or a film. When the slogan written by the participant on his board is scored, he crosses it off in the corresponding field. There are also ready-made online bingo card templates for bullshit bingo that are intended for particular occasions.

Online bingo sites

Live bingo tournaments have a unique vibe. Tournaments are meeting places where new friendships are formed and old ones are maintained. However, not all bingo players have the advantage of having tournaments organized near their home. Online bingo sites and mobile applications that enable gameplay anywhere and anytime are a great solution. Thanks to them you can play in the comfort of your home, on your way to work or whilst waiting at the doctor’s. Online bingo sites also have one more important advantage – they allow you to create completely new variations of this game. An example is the combination of bingo with the one-armed bandit.